Web Hosting

firefox-gray Our Business Hosting plan includes all the features used by full featured e-commerce websites at only a fraction of the cost. Rather than "bait" our customers with unrealistic, low price plans that are designed to be upgraded, we only offer one plan which we feel exceeds any premium "Gold" or "Platinum" plan offered by many of our competitors. There is no other place to host your website when you can have all the features below, plus 24/7 support and monitoring with virtually 100% guaranteed uptime.

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Account Features

Disk Space (Unlimited)
Each account includes unlimited disk space. Once disk space used reaches 2GB, additional space is available free by request in 2GB increments.

Data Transfer (Unlimited)
Each account includes unlimited data transfer.

Instant Account Activation
Most new hosting accounts are activated within 1 minute on any day or night, 24/7/365. You can begin uploading, set up email, and access your website immediately.

Unrestricted Content
We are strongly against censorship, so as long as your content is legal, it can be hosted with us. As a web host, we feel it is our duty to protect the freedom of speech and expression on the Internet. If we receive a complaint about the content of a customer's website, that content must be proven to be illegal in the United States by the complainant in order for us to take any adverse action. We thoroughly investigate each abuse issue to ensure that our customers.

Uptime Guarantee
Our network uptime is usually 99.9% - 100%. If it ever falls below 99.5% for any given month, you can request a free month of hosting upon your next renewal date.

Email Features

POP3 Mailboxes (Unlimited)
Each account includes unlimited POP3 mailboxes. For example, info@yourname.com, john@yourname.com, sales@yourname.com, etc.. Each mailbox can have its own password for retrieving messages. POP3 mailboxes on our servers can be set up to receive mail and forward it at the same time.

Mail Forwarding Aliases (Unlimited)
The mail forwarding feature allows you to forward all incoming messages to a specially configured mailbox (alias) to another email address within or outside of your domain. For example, suppose you are the only person receiving mail for your website, but you would like 5 separate email addresses (info@domain.com, sales@domain.com, joe@domain.com, etc.), you can set up one mailbox called "info" and set up the other aliases to be forwarded to that mailbox automatically. This way you would only need to check the main "info" mailbox for messages.

Mail Groups (Unlimited)
Mail groups are designed to receive email at one central mailbox and then have it forwarded to a designated group of internal or external mailboxes.

Autoresponders (Unlimited)
Autoresponders automatically send a selected reply upon receipt of each incoming message. Any mailbox including catch-all and forwarded can have an autoresponder enabled. The Autoresponder Manager allows creation and management of multiple autoresponders.

Blazing Fast Webmail
Our full featured webmail client is designed for high volume users. It's proprietary mail processing engine is optimized for speed and efficiency, with the ability to access and display thousands of messages in seconds.

FTP Features

FTP Access (Unlimited)
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files and web pages to and from the web server. You can upload or download files to and from your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

FTP Accounts (Unlimited)
We offer four types of FTP accounts, Standard, Anonymous, Root, and Local. There is no limit to how many FTP accounts can be created. Standard FTP accounts get space outside the root web, and can be accessed on the web at yourname.com/~account, while Local FTP accounts can access selected directories inside the root web. The Root FTP account shares access to the Root web with the main admin.

Technical Features

MySQL Databases (Unlimited)
MySQL is a fast, full featured SQL database built specifically for web applications. Our Database Admin utility enables the creation and management of unlimited MySQL databases. Each database can have a unique user name and password for maximum security and flexibility. Both local and remote database connections are supported through the following languages: PHP, ASP, and Perl. You also have complete control with features like creating, altering, renaming, and dropping tables, as well as selecting, inserting, and updating records. The data file upload feature allows uploading data directly into the database. Dumping (importing) tables and data from SQL text files is also supported. Also included is a recovery feature which enables an entire database or individual tables to be restored from the previous day's backup with a click of a button.

PHP (version 4.4.8 and 5.2.5)
PHP is an advanced server side scripting language that can be embedded directly into HTML. PHP is similar in syntax to JavaScript, and does not require optional components to perform advanced tasks, as does ASP. PHP scripts can be placed in any directory within a web, and can connect to any SQL database. We are currently running PHP 4.4.8 and 5.2.5 as a CGI binary.

ASP (Sun Active Server Pages)
ASP (Active Server Pages) is a server side scripting language developed by Microsoft that can be embedded into HTML, and is similar in syntax to Visual Basic. ASP scripts can be placed in any directory within a web and can connect to a database. We are currently running Sun / Chilisoft ASP Version 3.6.2 with the following components: ASP Mail and ASP Upload. ASP scripts must end in .asp to be recognized by the server.