Domain Names

firefox-grayThe first step to launching a new website is registering a domain name. A good domain name is as essential to an online business as a physical location is to a retail store. If a domain name is difficult to remember or is confusingly similar to another, valuable traffic will be lost, and result in less sales.

Registering a domain with us is not only easy and inexpensive, but it also carries peace of mind. Our Domain Name Registrar is an ICANN accredited registrar, which means we have direct access to the global domain registry infrastructure. This not only enables us to make domain updates such as DNS and contact information changes in real time, but helps us prevent fraudulent transfers, and other domain hijack attempts. The features below are included with every domain registration.

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Ownership Transfer
Domain ownership can be changed online in real time upon completion of the required security procedures. If a domain name is being sold, the seller can create an account for the buyer, and transfer the domain into that account, thus enabling the buyer to manage the domain after the transfer. There is no fee to transfer domain ownership from one party to another or between accounts.

DNS Management
Every domain registration includes use of a free DNS server with the ability to manage all DNS records such as NS, A, CNAME, MX, and wildcard entries in real time. Our Domain Control Panel provides root access to the actual DNS zone file for easy editing.

Parking/ For Sale Page
If you do not plan to use your domain name right away, you can put up an "Under Construction" page telling visitors that the website for your domain is coming soon. Alternatively, you can put up a "For Sale" sign along with your contact email address if you would like to offer your domain for sale. Email addresses on our "For Sale" page are displayed using JavaScript to prevent detection by spammers.

Daily Traffic Statistics
Each parked or forwarded domain includes a real time report of the unique visitors to that domain for the previous 24 hour period. That report also contains the hourly visitor trend, visitors in the last hour, visitors expected by 12 am that period, visitors online at the time the report is being accessed, as well as all the details including referral information for the last 50 visitors. This report is extremely useful for determining the amount and pattern of traffic to any parked domain without setting up a full hosting account.

Fraud Protection
To help protect our customers from fraud, we have adopted an Identity Verification Policy for providing telephone support. When someone contacts us via telephone to request any kind of account updates, or requesting information on an account, we will first ask for the the master password associated with that account. If the password is not known or an incorrect password is presented, we will send a password reminder notice to the e-mail address we have on record for that account. If the contacting party is unable to receive e-mail at that address, we will require a signed, notarized statement from the original account holder authorizing us to perform the requested action along with a verifiable telephone number. We realize that a domain name is the most important asset for most online ventures, and we treat it as such.

Auto Renew
Domains with Auto Renew enabled are automatically renewed on their expiration date to prevent them from being released for registration.

Whois Gurantee
ICANN rules require that the whois information for every registered domain is accurate at all times. If an email address or telephone number stops working, or if snail mail to the contact address is returned by the post office, a 3rd party has a right to complain to the domain's registrar. Following such a complaint the domain registrar must either correct the whois record or release the domain for public registration. Our Whois Guarantee provides peace of mind that if your whois record is ever found to contain incorrect information, and we receive a complaint from a 3rd party, we will do the following:

  1. Make every attempt to contact the owner of record.
  2. If #1 fails, we will replace the invalid address, email, or telephone number with our private registration defaults to satisfy the complaint.

We will not release the domain for registration or remove it from its master account unless required to do so by law in very rare circumstances.

Domain Control Panel
Our online Domain Control Panel gives you complete, real time control of the administration of all your domains. You can update contact information and DNS records, manage DNS if needed, set up a Parking or For Sale page, view registered domains, renew domains, and create Sub Accounts for management of any individual domain. Management of optional features such as Email and Forwarding is available as well.

Network Tools
This utility performs network and DNS troubleshooting. Functions include Ping, Traceroute, Dig, Nslookup, Host, Whois, and the IP Whois which locates the ownership of any IP address from around the world.