Business Applications

Our software and web development offerings are hands-on and provide practical knowledge of software project management that enable analysts, developers and programmers see through complex software/web projects.

Our signature business application is: ClydePro Human Resource System (HRIS)

ClydePro Human Resource System (HRIS)

What is HRIS?

It is quite simply where Human Resource meets Information technology to enable faster, more organized, more reliable management of an organizations HR processes.

What can a HRIS do?

ClydePro HRIS Modules


We believe in making our systems as flexible as possible and this module enables setting up the various organization specific requirements such as Departmental Categories, departments, designations, user groups, managing users.


Payroll, loans, tax information, terminal dues and with flexibility to build more capacity; All these are available within this module making your finance operations streamlined, accurate and easier to manage.


This module has been created to effectively manage your employee records and make them accessible, faster to retrieve, safer to store and archive yet still remaining smaller in size compared to conventional methods. With this module you can monitor attendance and disciplinary records, manage leave and staff movement, manage leave and contract reports as well as manage your HR policies. We have gone ahead and included a demographic report which; at the click of a button will tell you about the diversity in backgrounds in your organization.


This module enables carrying out of performance appraisals that are timely, accurate and unbiased. Once an employee fills out an appraisal form it is submitted to the relevant supervisor who does the appraisal. These reports are then stored in the database and can be retrieved and evaluated, making the process more transparent.


Want to manage staff at department level rather than companywide? This is the module for it. Manage the department teams, schedule overtime, duty rosters, shifts and leave. This module can be run by the HR department or decentralized to the various departmental supervisors in the organization.

ClydeLeave & ClydeAttendance

ClydeAttendance - This module manages all employee attendance, from marking employee attendance, monitoring employee attendance per employee, companywide and department wide. ClydeLeave - This module controls all things leave. leave application, leave encashment for employees that prefer to cash in their leave days. This is complemented by a leave encashment report that has information on how many days were cashed in, their worth and the balance of the leave days remaining


How do you track what assets the company owns? This module enables creating an inventory of all assets in the company, their location, unique serials, date of purchase, worth and their depreciation and salvage values. This enables better management of the company’s assets and making sense; business sense out of it all.


Do you have one or multiple meeting rooms in the organization? Who controls who meets where at which time? What happens when schedules clash? This modules helps answer all these questions by creating a platform to book meeting rooms eliminating time wasting, clashing and increasing efficiency.

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